Pallet Recycling



JP Pallets are Perth's number one pallet recyclers. 


Sourcing local reusable pallets to be repaired is a cost effective way of reducing waste, reducing the carbon footprint and reducing your COST.


This is why secondhand pallets are our most popular pallets. 


Our range of secondhand pallets consist of light and heavy duty pallets, Australian Standard size of 1165 x 1165 and Euro pallet size of 1200 x 800.


All our secondhand pallets are completely refurbished. Loose boards are renailed and any missing boards are replaced.


They are then painted white, ready for resale.



Please contact our office if you have any pallets you would like to recycle. These pallets must be of standard size

1165 x 1165 or euro size 1200 x 800.



Recycling secondhand pallets