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Timber Gluts

Pine Gluts

Standard Sizes

50 x 50

75 x 75

100 x 100

(Custom sizing also available)

Gluts can be cut to desired lengths

Hardwood Gluts


Hardwood & Pine Timber Gluts


Wooden Gluts are perfect for packaging, spacing loads and evening weight distribution


Available in hard and soft woods

Discounts available for large quantities

Unpainted non -treated Karri Timber 

suitable for

Tomato Stakes or Craypots

50 x 25 x 2400


per length

Hardwood Timber Tomato Stakes Craypot Timber
Karri Craypot Timber
Timber Gluts Dunnage
Oversize Painted Gluts
Oversize Gluts Dunnage

Grooving - Wedges - V Cuts  Custom Sizing - Specialised Cuts 

Contact the office for more 
information & pricing


Large Gluts
Hardwood Gluts
Timber Wedges
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