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Timber Gluts


Hardwood & Pine Timber Gluts


Wooden Gluts are perfect for packaging, spacing loads and evening weight distribution


Available in hard and soft woods

Discounts available for large quantities

Pine Gluts
Hardwood Gluts

Standard Sizes

50 x 50

75 x 75

100 x 100

(Custom sizing also available)

Gluts can be cut to desired lengths

Unpainted non -treated Karri Timber 

suitable for

Tomato Stakes or Craypots

50 x 25 x 2400


per length

Hardwood Timber Tomato Stakes Craypot Timber
Karri Craypot Timber
Timber Gluts Dunnage
Oversize Painted Gluts
Oversize Gluts Dunnage

Grooving - Wedges - V Cuts  Custom Sizing - Specialised Cuts 

Contact the office for more 
information & pricing


Large Gluts
Hardwood Gluts
Timber Wedges
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